Factory Block! Almost 2000HP, 7 Second Supra | PDM Programming Secrets [TECH TALK]

Does a PDM only replace fuses and relays, or is there more to it?

Pushing almost 2000HP at 58 PSI of boost from a factory block, we were excited to learn more about Cody Phillips Racing JZA80 Toyota Supra at this years TX2K. This interview is packed full of knowledge bombs on a wide range of topics from IRS (independent rear suspension) pitfalls, PDM capabilities, cast block limitations along with why there is a price difference between a good and a great engine management system.

Cody takes the time to give us some great insight into his C02 boost control system that can get things to within ¼ of a PSI by targeting specific wastegate pressure, the 1.5 second target for hitting the required boost to launch with the aid of nitrous along with the new Turbo 400 setup that has replaced the troubled Powerglide.

The car ended up running a 7.27-second pass at 198.23mph at this year's Texas 2K event.

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3.2L 2JZ
Factory cast iron block that is half filled so that it retains some water cooling
90mm stroker kit with aliuminum rods
GSC ‘Methanol’ cams
CNC ported stage 4 Titan Motorsports head with shimless bucketsL19 ½ inch ARP headstuds

Pro Mod 85 Precision Turbo
Water to air intercoolerC02 boost control
Nitrous is used to get the car up into boost on the line

M&M Transmissions 2 speed Turbo 400

MoTeC M150 with John Reed Racing package
MoTeC C127 dash display and data logger

Methanol fed
Kinsler mechanical fuel pump
12 x Injector Dynamics ID2000s

Known limitations:IRS and small tyres to fit within class rulesThe factory cast iron block is at its limit when running full power


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