First Startup? No Base Map? Watch This First! | AFR - Initial Startup

Too rich? Too lean? New ECU? First base map? Fresh build? First startup? If you have any of these things or questions, this video is for you.

This is one module from a full suite of courses that teach you how to tune your ECU from scratch.

Having a blank ECU and wanting to start your car for the first time can be daunting, but Andre is here to take some of the worry and mystery out of how it's done with regards to your AFR tables.

Here you will learn about getting your idle right, why bulk changes are in your best interest to start with and why your engine is safe to start with some basic setup at low load contrary to what your anxious mind might be telling you.

We are using our AEM Infinity ECU for this example, but the principles hold true for anything on the market.

New to EFI tuning? Start with a free lesson.

Here's a question answered at the end of one such lesson on this same base map topic.

Want to learn how to tune from scratch? Grab the HPA Starter Package and follow the step by step process after learning the fundamentals with online support when you need it.


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