Fixing Open Deck Blocks For BOOST (On The Cheap-ish)

The strength of our factory block sometimes plays the limiting factor when it comes to making double, triple or over four times the power levels it was ever designed for by the OEM engineers who never planned for you to do anything other than keep up with servicing.

For some block designs like Subaru's EJ and FA series, their open block design can be addressed via aftermarket sleeves which are well proven, but is there a cheaper but effective way to get similar results for those out there that might be pushing the envelope when it comes to boost, but aren't running for world record lap times on those budgets?

0:00 - Open Deck Block Strength
0:24 - Why Open Deck At All?
0:38 - High Boost And Open Deck Issues
1:02 - Sleeve Solution
1:23 - Deck Plate Solution
1:58 - Deck Plate Result
2:06 - Beyond OEM But Not Insane Power Levels
2:25 - Check Out The Engine Building Lesson

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