[FREE LESSON] Get this wrong and you'll destroy your engine!

Correctly setting your piston ring end gaps is just 1 of 17 essential steps during the assembly process of your high-performance engine.

With aftermarket pistons, the ring packs that are supplied are typically what is referred to as a 'file fit' ring, which are rings that are supplied in an oversized form and it's then the engine builders task to file and correctly set the ring gaps for their specific engine build.

If the end gaps are set too tight the rings can end up butting together as they expand from heat causing critical engine failure. If the ring gaps are set too large they can cause excessive blow-by, increased oil consumption and also a loss of engine power.

We cover how to correctly set your gaps using both an electric and manual ring filer.

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    Hi Andre,
    You mentioned that ring gap is 0.004 per inch of bore. Does that apply for the 2nd compression ring to? What would you allow for blown applications?
    - blwnvelle Australia
    6 months ago