Full Power Tuning & Track Testing | 650HP SR20VET Swap | SR86 EP 6 [BUILD]

What you DON'T want to see a day before you go racing...

With engine break-in and steady-state tuning sorted, Andre works his way up to full power ramp runs reaching 593.5HP at the hubs with a conservative tune in the MoTeC M150 controlled SR20VET swapped Toyota GT86 race car. Well, technically still a 'project car' at this point eh!

MG 0253

What do people mean by a conservative tune? As Andre covers he is running things a little richer than he needs to in order to help with cooling and also hasn't pushed things right to the edge when it comes to the ignition timing. This is just because there are a few races in this series and reliability is desired more than outright power, however, there are a few other potential issues that might get in the way of that goal any way it turns out.

MG 0147

Also touched on are some of the things revisited to fine-tune after a track/road session in order to account for the limitations of the dyno, as well as a tip on closed-loop boost control tuning.

Testing testing 123 0462

The night before practice day we discover a cooling issue might be a little worse than anticipated with potential head and block damage already being done.

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0:00 - Ramp Run
0:13 - Full Power Tuning and Track Testing
0:43 - Boost Setup For Endurance Racing
1:58 - Boost Levels
2:28 - Traction Control Options
3:02 - Powerband
3:56 - The Tune
4:38 - Ramp Run 2
4:59 - Track Test
6:52 - Fine Tuning
7:00 - Closed Loop Boost Control Tip
8:03 - Oil Pressure Adjustment
9:07 - Oil Pressure Target
09:32 - In-Car Testing
11:09 - Temperature Issues
12:59 - Engine Bay Footage
13:30 - Big Problems
16:24 - What is Happening?
19:27 - Potential Damage
21:03 - Outro


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