Gearbox Rescue, NEW Haltech Display, Megasquirt Example and more! | Today at HPA [UPDATE 227]

This is the weekly update that comes right before our paid 'Gold Members' only webinar lessons and this week ‘227 | Improving oil supply’ was covered. Details on membership below.

00:00 Sprint Series: We had great hopes for racing both Toyota GT86/BRZ cars at the local sprint series, however things weren’t in our favour. After binning another stock axle while waiting for the Driveshaft Shop to send the replacement axles due to their originals being too short, Ben only managed a few laps before a lower control arm failure. We’re not 100% on the reason and are working with SPL Parts, who have been awesome, to narrow things down and find a solution, however with the RC86 car also running the same arms the weekend was also over pretty quicky for Andre after giving things a double check before the first heat and finding things were out of place.

On the upside, for the diving Ben did manage in the HPA86 the replacement, replacement, axles which are 25mm longer than ‘spec’ to make them the same length as stock axles did the trick. They didn’t fall out. Woo! This is a result we have had to battle and pay for to have corrected by Driveshaft Shop after many conversations, failures and issues.

10:27 Gearbox: The stock GT86 gearbox has been giving us issues with 4th letting go at least twice now as you might be aware, and while we decide on what to replace it with Andre has implemented a solution which sees the boost in 4th dramatically reduced. This just enables us to use the car now rather than have it collecting dust until we have the time to implement a permanent solution.

13:50 Haltech Dash: We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a Haltech iC-7 Display Dash and have been using it with a Haltech Elite ECU fitted to a Subaru STi WRX. It is a plug and play unit for this application and features a 7” full colour display. An interesting feature are the buttons rather than touch screen feature have been used after considering user feedback regarding the screen getting covered in smudges and becoming difficult to read without constant cleaning. This is a street dash display rather than logging unit in order to keep the cost down and we’re exciting to say we will be doing a more detailed video feature on it soon.

16:54 Megasquirt/MS3 Pro: The Megasquirt Worked Example is now LIVE in the Practical Standalone ECU Tuning course for those who own it or one of the tuning course package deals. This example uses the TunerStudio software suite and a 1989 Mazda MX5/Eunos Roadster/Miata to demonstrate the HPA 10 step aftermarket ECU tuning process in action using this platform, helping you learn a little faster.

The Miata isn’t stretching the Mainline dyno with its current 100HP output considering the dyno will handle up to around 2500HP in a 2wd format, however it is still well up on stock output and a blast to drive.

18:00 [VLOG] - We’ve started releasing some Vlogs from a few race meets this year. They’re not as technical in nature as our usual content, still a great watch into a few of the things that happen behind the scenes during a race weekend.

19:09 Latest Video Release: We spotted this Ford Barra powered R32 last year but couldn’t track down the owner for a chat, however, this year at WTAC things were different and you can now watch a [TECH TOUR[ release on this rather unique engine swapped GTST project.

WEBINAR INFO: Lubrication related failures are one of the leading causes of engine failures, particularly in engines that are making more power and revving higher than the stock rpm limit. In this webinar we’ll cover some subtle changes that we can make during the engine building process that can pay big dividends with improving the oil supply and return through the engine.

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