Go faster with easy wireless data acquisition | Texense [TECH NUGGET]

Data acquisition is becoming more affordable and important at every level of motorsport and as things have become more complex, so has the wiring harness that accompanies traditional sensors.

Texense have the solution with their wireless sensor system. Each sensor has its own individual, replaceable, battery that will last an entire race weekend and due to the lack of hardwiring the sensors can simply be zip tied in place enabling you to switch them between locations and cars.

The sensors transmit to a central receiver in order to convert the raw data to a CAN stream that feeds your logger or dash giving you real-time updates or logs to scrutinize later depending on your setup. The number of channels you’re able to log depends on which frequencies you wish to log at, but a typical setup would see you with 16 sensors at 100Hz and 16 at a lower frequency of 10Hz.

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