Greg Banish | Calibrated Success | How To Become A Tuner [TECH TALK]

Greg Banish from Calibrated Success dives into how he got into tuning at an OEM level at a previous PRI event.

Greg discusses how a lot of basic High School physics and algebra are used when it comes to EFI tuning making it easier than a lot of people believe to get involved with via training with companies like the High Performance Academy, but also how OEM level tuning is different and in many cases does require a Bachelor of Engineering if you want to seek employment with a large automotive manufacturer. This is however not the case for street and motorsport tuning applications.

Also discussed is how Mr Banish got into tuning himself via his own projects, and then those of his friends and acquaintances to build his skills with a range of different platforms and tuning solutions.

Also discussed are the importance of emissions as OEM level and also how in the aftermarket you can still have a clean-burning engine with a high output level that also retains economy when operating in the cruise area of your map.

0:00 - Greg Banish, Calibrated Success and OEM Level Tuning
0:33 - How He Became A Professional Tuner
1:10 - Step From Hobby To Professional
2:30 - OEM Level Employment vs Aftermarket
3:48 - How OEM Is Different To Aftermarket
4:28 - Emissions vs Power
6:26 - OEM ECU vs Standalone ECU
8:37 - Aftermarket ECU Advantages
9:15 - What ECU To Use Where And When
10:00 - Calibrated Success

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