Haltech Elite 2500 ECU released

At WTAC in October Haltech released their much anticipated Elite Series ECU. This ECU represents a ‘clean sheet’ design that has allowed Haltech to start from scratch. This has let Haltech to offer some advanced new functionality that wasn’t possible on their Platinum Series platform.

As well as the usual features offered by their existing Platinum Series ECUs, the Elite Series now adds DBW throttle control, support for up to four continuously variable camshafts, and true dual-channel knock control with FFT analysis for accurate knock detection. The Elite also offers advanced closed loop control strategies for tuning fuel, ignition, and boost. For the fuel delivery for example, this includes a complete background map which populates with trim values from the closed loop system as you drive. These trim values can then be applied to the main fuel map, improving accuracy and saving time.

Those familiar with Haltech’s Platinum Series ECUs will be happy to know that the new ‘ESP’ calibration software retains a similar look and feel to the older ECU Manager software, making it easy to transition to the Elite platform. A smart feature with this software is the ability to print out a calibration-specific wiring diagram which can be used for ECU wiring and installation. This diagram takes into account all your input and output configurations to eliminate wiring problems.

Haltech Elite Series capabilities include:

  • 8 Injector outputs with programmable peak & hold current
  • 8 Ignition outputs
  • 10 Analogue voltage inputs
  • 28 Digital outputs
  • DBW throttle control
  • Variable cam control - Up to 4 camshafts
  • Dual CAN buses
  • Dual channel knock control with FFT analysis
  • Staged injection - Up to 4 stages
  • Multi fuel support
  • Flex fuel support
  • Closed loop control for boost, idle and fuel
  • Auto-tune capability - Fuel, ignition and boost
  • Antilag and launch control
  • Datalogging to internal memory or laptop
  • Advanced engine protection strategies
  • Waterproof case
  • ECU is fully enabled - No charges for additional features

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    I heard the plugs are the same as the Platinum sport series.. Would upgrading to an Elite down the track save time by using the software to trace and pair the wires when upgrading from PS2000?
    - Micky Australia
    5 years ago