Haltech Tuning | Online Training Course - High Performance Academy

 Good news Haltech tuners! If you are interested in learning how to tune using the Haltech Platform we have you covered.
You can find a full Haltech worked example in the Practical Standalone ECU Tuning course. Note this is a full step by step course that you own for life, and not just a quick 'one take' tutorial, it's a full High Performance Academy produced course.

This course includes these modules all filmed using the Haltech ESP software:
*ECU Configuration and Testing
*Trigger Setup
*Base Table Configuration (What numbers you need to put in before you start, AKA, a base map)
*Base Ignition Timing/Fuel Pressure
*Initial Startup (Running your Engine for the first time)
*Idle Tuning
*Steady State Fuel Tuning
*Steady State Ignition Tuning
*Full Power Tuning (How to tune fuel and ignition at high RPM)

Your course also includes general information about standalone ECU tuning that is applicable to EFI vehicles no matter the platform you are using and is applicable to both ROAD and DYNO tuning.

Interested? Get the single course here.
Or become a tuning master with your comprehensive package deal here.


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