Heat Management, Cam Swaps and MORE | Today At HPA [#UPDATE 264]

 LS2/L98 Kelford Cam sway, SR20VET swapped GT86 heat shielding plus some more updates

In this week’s [UPDATE] which came just before a HPA members-only webinar ‘264, Andre takes us through further developments we’ve done to the SR86 Including new heat shielding setup with the tricky layout of vital components that are exposed to the hot side of the turbo.

Also covered is a series of new Cam related courses and worked examples that we have coming out very soon, including a LS Cam Swap worked Example - which is being added to our How to Degree a Cam course. A Practical Reflash Tuning Worked Example on Tuning Big Cams with HP Tuners and a Cam Control Tuning course.

Andre briefly touches on all these new courses and talks a little bit about what you all have to look forward to with them.

00:00​ - Intro to Engine protection strategies
00:26​ - Case & Point of these strategies
02:42​ - Fueltech FT550 & HPA Tuning Library Giveaway
04:54​ - SR86 Build Update
09:40​ - Heat Wrap Product
10:58​ - New Exhaust Housing & Heat Shield
12:06​ - New Cam Swap
16:37​ - How to Degree a Cam Course
18:28​ - New Worked Example Being Added
19:07​ - Practical Reflash Tuning Course
22:32​ - Another New Worked Example Being Added
22:57​ - Another New Course in the Making on Cam Control Tuning
28:45​ - New HPA Podcast
29:26​ - Giveaway Closes on the 20th of March
30:02​ - Outro

Giveaway Entry: https://gleam.io/pFFHK/giveaway-fuelt...​

WEBINAR INFO: An important, yet often overlooked benefit of modern ECUs is their ability to provide built in engine protection strategies. In this webinar we’ll look at some of the most common options and see how they can be implemented using the Adaptronic ECU on our FD RX7.

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