Help! | 650HP SR20VE Swap TURBO Setup | SR86 EP 2 [BUILD]

Testing before race day, the deadline you like to ignore.

With more work than we can handle Andre jumped at an offer from the Vinny Fab team, who hate taking time off work, which saw them put in a mammoth effort over a weekend to help get this 650HP SR20VET endurance build closer to a test day.

0:00 - Ep 2 SR20VET Powered Endurance Build
0:47 - Vinny Fab To-Do’s
1:41 - Getting Started
2:22 - Day 1 Update
3:13 - What’s Next - Intercooler, Intake
4:05 - Exhaust Plan
4:39 - Downpipe Is On, Outlet Sorted
5:12 - Intercooler Tacked Up
5:42 - Day 2 Update
6:45 - Rear Diffuser Considerations
7:26 - Turbo Inlet
8:22 - Intake Fab, Welding and Mounting
9:19 - Vinny Fab’s Weekend Results

While Jimmy here is a more than capable fabricator who is doing perfect work, the team did a quick calculation and realised there wasn't enough time to let him eat and sleep if we wanted to get this car done without some outside help. Lars and James from Vinny Fab were happy to lend a hand welding and fabricating, here are the results from their trip.

On their list was the majority of the exhaust system from the Garrett GTX3076 Gen II back, inlets and outlets plus a custom intercooler and associated brackets amongst a long list of other things. To complicate matters we don't have our ducting completed at this point in time, so there is a bit of educated guesswork on the best routing with that in mind to ensure nothing in the packaging is overly compromised compared to anything else.

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