How Modern ECUs Have Become AWESOME | Entry To Professional Level ECUs [TECH TALK]

In-cylinder pressure monitoring, entry vs pro-level ECUs and more.

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Martin Burmeister of BM Technik Race Engineering runs us through some of the differences between entry-level ECUs vs high-performance level ECUs including some of the features and data logging capability beyond just the sales blurb. What sort of signal speeds and how many channels do you want to consider having before piecing together your own setup is also touched on, along with some of the different levels some of the sensors are applicable too in relation to budget and car setup.

In-cylinder pressure sensors and the reason for them is explained and how difficult it can be to set up these sensors not just for tuning but with a modern ECU to use for engine management on the fly, not just for power but also engine wear, knock control and more. This does come at a significant financial cost, however.

Also discussed are the complexities of ECUs today compared to 10 years ago and all of the things they now control from a single device, and Martin gives an example of how complicated something like pre-emptive traction control can be with so many different data inputs and comparisons. Interestingly at professional motorsport levels things like traction control are not really considered as just an assist for better lap times, but also insurance to help keep cars on track at events like 24 Hours Nürburgring.

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