How YOU Can Avoid Complete Engine Failure | Safety Parameters [TECH NUGGET]

How do you monitor fuel, oil and coolant pressure, but more importantly WHY would you?

At TX2K Andre had a chat to English Racing to see what sensors and parameters were set up on their MoTeC M1 controlled 2013 Subaru STi.

As technology advances to control more and more areas of a car and help us go faster, another aspect we can take advantage of is safety parameters. While these may not seem as exciting as other modifications we can make and set up, they can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to engine rebuilds and missed racing events.

On this vehicle, the main points of interest are the oil, fuel and coolant pressures, and relatively inexpensive sensors are fitted to monitor these. What pressure is safe for your oil, what can your ECU do if your fuel pressure drops and what does a spike in coolant temperature mean? Enjoy finding out in the [TECH NUGGET] above.

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