HPA Giveaway Winners

Curious about who wins our giveaways? Here is a list of past winners. 

Haltech IC-7 Dash display + Tuning Courses

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Winner: Adrian Stratford, VIC, Australia

FuelTech FT550 ECU/Display May 2020

Photoshopped screen

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Rae Valerio, FL, USA

HP Tuners MPVI2 + Training Course Package 2020


Winner: Adam Arvizo, USA

The Ultimate Proform Engine Building Tool Package

Fabian Prize

Winner: Fabian Lacey, USA

MoTeC GP Lite Engine Management System + Tuning Courses

IMG 7795

Winner: Nick Winsor, AUS

Mahle Forged Pistons + Engine Building Courses


Winner: Lester Forde, Barbados

ECU Master 7" Display + Tuning Courses

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Winner: Korey Kryder, USA

HP Tuners MPVI2 + Training Course Package

IMG 20191102 150137234 HDR

Winner: Michael Peryer, USA

Diamond Pistons + Engine Building Courses 2019

diamond piston v2

Photo Not Provided

Winner: Joe Nunnari, USA

ECU Master 7" Display + Tuning Courses

IMG 20191006 150704

Winner: Peter Blaquiere, AUS

BoostLine Connecting Rods + Engine Building Courses

racecraft 2178

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Sebastian Truchel, USA

ECU Master EMU Black + Tuning Courses


Photo Not Provided
Winner: Brad Selby, USA

Haltech Elite, Wideband + HPA Tuning Courses

ecu master giveawayPhoto Not Provided
Winner: Daniel gudmundsson, Sweden

AEM CD-5 Carbon Display + HPA Tuning Courses

aem no cable

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Talon Craft, USA

MoTeC M130 Engine Management System + HPA Tuning Courses

motec giveaway

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Derek Schomer, USA

PLEX Micro Display & Knock Monitor + HPA Tuning Courses


Plex Winner
Winner: Tim Hensel, USA

Diamond Pistons + HPA Engine Building Courses

diamond piston

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Tyson Carr, USA

Adaptronic ECU Giveaway

 Andrzej KantelukWinner: Andrzej Kanteluk, Poland

ARP Studs and Tools Giveaway

arp giveaway

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Tim Eden, USA

Fueltech FT600 Giveaway

fuel tech

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Tom Brighton Delaware, USA

Wiseco Pistons Giveaway

wisco giveaway

Photo Not Provided
Winner: Christian Schwingel, Orlando, FL, USA

ECU Master ECU and Dash Display

Jorge C ECUMaster winnerWinner: George Camo, New York, USA


K1 Technologies Connecting Rods and Engine Building Courses

k1 rods flatlay 9911

No Photo Provided
Winner: Matthew Hendel, Colorado, USA 

Haltech Elite 2500 ECU and a Wideband Controller

haltechwinnerWinner: Sean Yearwood, Florida USA


Kelford Cams Cam and Valve Spring package

Nick McColgan Kelford winner v2Winner: Nick McColgan, Australia


AEM CD-7L Dash Logger with Vehicle Dynamics Module

aem prize

No Photo Provided
Winner: William Fiset, Canada


Set of JE Pistons to suit your car & an Engine Building Course Package

prize banner je

No Photo Provided
Winner: Erfan Shukur, Australia


DOUBLE GIVEAWAY: 2 x Standalone Link G4+ ECU, Tuning Course Package and a Knock Detection System

No Photo Provided
Winner 1: Carl Harrysson, Sweden

Rashid Link Atom Winner2Winner 2: Rashid Mumin, Canada  


AEM Infinity ECU with a 02 Sensor & Tuning Course Package

Stephan AEM winnerWinner: Stephan Brown, Kansas USA


Link Knock Block & a CAN Lambda Wideband Controller

link winnerWinner: Adam Dudkowski, Australia



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