Improving Your ENGINE COOLING | C&R Racing

You’ve cranked up the boost, fitted bigger injectors and now your factory cooling system is starting to struggle. You should just throw a bigger radiator at the problem right…?

Contrary to what might seem like sound logic, fitting a thicker radiator to an already struggling cooling system is potentially only going to compound issues, as Jack Anderson from C&R Racing (owned by PWR Performance Products for those south of the equator) explains. Fitting a thinner radiator with better fin design as well as ensuring your ducting setup is on point are in fact the better option as such setups can give you greater surface area for cooling efficiency in a more compact package.

Venting and testing tips are also touched on, along with some oil cooling options along with how an efficient oil cooler can actually also help bring engine coolant temperatures down at the same time as well as why fitting your oil cooler in front of your radiator is generally not optimal.

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