In-Car Lap 430HP At 17PSI | The Worlds Cleanest AE86? [TECH TOUR]

Championship winning drift car tuned Time Attack weapon, Beau Yates AE86 is easily one of the best track based examples on the planet and shows the outstanding results that can be achieved when you adopt a strict ‘no cut corners’ approach to a build.
Andre runs us through the 320 KW at 1.17 BAR of boost via its Garrett - Advancing Motion turbocharger, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) prepared 3S-GE BEAMS powered AE86 and some of its features. 
The World Time Attack Challenge 2018 Open Class entry did driver Keiichi Tsuchiya well on its debut this year with the help of a long list of parts and modifications. Controlling the 3sge engine and sequential gearbox is an Emtron Engine Management Electronics KV8 ECU and Motec Systems USA PDM with a #C125 dash employed for driver display and the all-important data logging. The suspension setup has been heavily modified via MCA Suspension Gold Series suspension and Race Products fitted a fully adjustable Watt’s link rear end with an 8” diff replacing the standard 6.7”. All this doesn’t have as much weight to hold thanks to some trick carbon pieces from Carbon Junkie including the doors and bonnet. Decreased weight also means Bosch Motorsport Australia ABS unit and AP Racing brake package can help the car slow down even more efficiently for cornering.

While the engine is running TRD internals, it still retains a factory Toyota Australia head and cams While the exhaust cam timing is fixed via a conventional vernier cam gear, the intake has continuously variable cam control allowing for the ECU to adjust the cam timing while the engine is running. This means the cam angle can be mapped against the engines speed ensuring best performance regardless of what the engine RPM and load is. Hypertune has also done a fantastic job ensuring the engine gets all the air and cooling it needs via a full manifold, front mount and plenum chamber package along with a DBW throttle body.

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