Is This 4.0-Liter Four Cylinder Car The Worlds Fastest Porsche? | RP968 Onboard [TECH TOUR]

Is this the fastest Time Attack Porsche in the world? Check out the onboard race footage at end of video and let us know what YOU think.

The 4L 850WHP (approx) RP968 was the 2018 WTAC winner and is now the second fastest car around the Sydney track with a 1:19.8250 lap time from the team and driver Barton Mawer. Andre talks to Matt from PR Tech about some of the aspects that go into the long road of building a championship winning car. Covered are some of the advantages of the mighty Elmer Racing ‘Thor’ engine and Garrett GTX42 setup along with how the large 4L engine capacity combined with the Emtron KV8 ECU and such a flexible turbo setup gives the team a lot of room to dial in boost in relation to TPS plus gear selection to get the most traction possible from the car on every meter of the track.

Also discussed are some of the areas Matt (affectionately known as Chris by the end of the interview, sorry Matt!) zeros in on when it comes to monitoring the health and performance of the engine via data logging and also what safeties are in place to save the engine should something go wrong while it’s out on the track.

We look forward to seeing what the future brings the car, team and owner Rod Pobestek after this Royal Purple Pro Class win at what was this years Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

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