Is This Future You?

14 minutes of race car build tips & experiences.

Money. No matter how much we have, no one likes to or wants to waste it. A motorsport application will cost precisely the amount you budget for it, plus some more. In this interview, some tips are discussed on how to trade a bit of your time to make better decisions for your build and your wallet, even if you don't intend to do all the physical work yourself.

Running Nitto 2.2L stroker kit, Kelfod Cams, and ARP head studs to make around 500kw at 2.2 bar (670hp, 32psi), this RevZone built 4g63 powered EVO 7 Open Class Time Attack build is a constant work in progress for Darren Bishop, but not just in the way most people immediately think when it comes to simply adding more and more power.

At the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC), Darren shared valuable insights into developing his time attack EVO. The knowledge base build to undertake this project has included using High Performance Academy (HPA) course materials, engaging in practical work, and consulting with specialists on their own level.

Using quality electronics like the EMtron KV8 ECU, MoTeC C127 dash, and Power Distribution Module (PDM), alongside a comprehensive array of engine and chassis sensors, Darren, with the help of Benchmark Solutions trackside dial in the car from multiple angles over the race weekend. This process involves adapting to the specific demands of each race weekend, including track layout (working to perfect every braking zone and corner), weather conditions (temperatures heavily influence tyre pressure, engine settings and traction control), and the unique preferences of both the car and driver discovered only by plenty of seat time, ensuring a solid performance between Darren's driving capabilities and the vehicle's technical setup.

Darren narrowly got squeezed out of the top 5, finishing with a respectable 6th place in the Open Class with a 1:30.3870 only JUSTTT off the pace of the 1:29.9110 set by the 5th place finisher.
0:00 - Open Class EVO 7
0:30 - Engine Package
0:50 - Power and Boost
1:10 - Gearbox
1:25 - Electronics
1:44 - Why Use Course Material?
2:30 - How It Helped
2:50 - Spend Wisely
3:15 - Why 2.2L 4G63?
3:48 - Wiring Process
4:59 - Wiring Documentation
5:42 - PDM Configuration & Electronic Setup
6:38 - ECU Setup
7:01 - Not Just For Cost Savings
7:20 - Data Analysis
7:36 - Judd V10 On Song
7:39 - Data Analysis Usage
7:54 - Variance Plot & Lap Comparisons
8:47 - Pro Diver Help
9:13 - Where To Start With Data Analysis
10:00 - MoTeC i2
10:23 - Active Centre Differential
11:49 - Dialing In Traction Maps
12:44 - Thanks Darren! A Pleasure.
12:54 - Full Jandal Race Footage
14:33 - BUILD.TUNE.DRIVE (Just like Darren)

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