ITB's, DBW and V8's | Today At HPA [UPDATE 252]

ITB’s on an LS V8, CAN communication and Ecumaster giveaway! This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘252 | Introduction to Adaptronic’. Details on membership below.

Dive into some details on the RHD Engineering ITB setup that’s going onto our LS2/L98 engine building (you might have seen the build step by step in the Practical Engine Building course). This engine will eventually repower the red FD3S RX7 we have here which will give us a doner 13B to build and get more power out of in the white Turblown Engineering/Vinnyfab modified RX7 we also have here. We should probably start naming things better.

Also get some details on the Ecumaster PMU16 that is the feature of the latest giveaway competition along with a rundown on what a PDM can do for you and your race car. Also covered are some details from the latest Instagram release on driver controls and the JUNII R32 GTR Nissan Skyline release.

What else would you like to know about this LS individual Throttle Bodies in the future?

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - LS ITB's
01:50 - Injector Location
03:24 - ITB Tuning Pitfall
06:30 - ITB DBW
07:00 - LS V8 Swapped RX7 Plan
08:00 - Driver Controls - Instagram Rundown
10:50 - CAN Bus Communication
12:20 - JUNII 2500HP Skyline R32 GTR
15:15 - PMU16 Giveaway!
17:00 - 3UZ-FE to SR20VE Swap
18:45 - Ducting Work
19:35 - Outro

WEBINAR INFO: In this webinar we’ll be taking an introductory look at the Adaptronic modular series ECU. We’ll cover the features of this ECU and how to navigate the software, as well as a basic work flow to help you get the best results from your tuning session.

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