Lap Times Are Useless Without This Data

If you are racing in competitive motorsport and want to win, you are going to need more than raw luck and talent, you need data. But how do you use data effectively?

In this lesson we look at how powerful setting up a loss/gain function, aka a delta function, can be when it not only comes to practice sessions but also referencing faster laps, and even helping make sure you give your best during a qualifying session.

If you are struggling (you might not even know you are!) we highly recommend you get a pro diver in your car at your local race track to set a reference lap that you can work towards matching using data like this.

This is just ONE module from the data analysis fundamentals course which shows you how to get started down this path the right way using a range of hardware and software options to suit your budget, big or small.
0:00 - Reference Lap Advantages
0:12 - Delta Function/Lap Time Gain-Loss
0:38 - Delta Advantages
1:04 - Pro Driver Reference
1:33 - Loss Increment
1:46 - Interpreting The Data Correctly
2:38 - Qualifying Lap Data
3:02 - Focus On Sectors Etc
3:32 - Colours Vs Math
3:54 - Off-Track Data Crunching
4:16 - Just ONE Module From A Full Course
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