Link / ViPEC Traction & Gear Shift Control Released

Electronz, the manufacturer of Link and Vi-PEC have just released a new firmware version (5.3.1) suitable for the G4+ and i-Seires ECUs. This firmware release presents a couple of exciting new features including traction control and gear shift control as well as a range of other minor improvements and additions.

Traction Control

The new traction control firmware uses input from wheel speed sensors (either wired or derived via CAN) to allow the ECU to monitor wheel slip. The ECU uses a target slip table to allow the traction control to be tailored to suit your car as well as your preferences. Different slip targets can be used for example relative to throttle position and/or gear. A second slip table can also be configured to provide a wet and dry setting. Of course the entire system can also be disabled at the push of a button.

The ECU can use either ignition or fuel cutting to reduce engine torque, and the slip target is maintained using a closed loop PID control algorithm

Gear Shift Control

Electronz have also included a thorough re-write of their existing gear shift control system. This system will support simple ‘timed’ gear change ignition cut control for clutchless shifting in a dog engagement gearbox as well as full closed loop gear cut control for sequential gearboxes using a gear position sensor. This ensures the fastest possible shifting without risking damage to your gearbox. Gear shift requests can come from digital switches (such as a paddle shift system), digital gear levers, or strain gauge gear levers. Down-shift throttle blipping can also be incorporated either via e-throttle directly, or via a blip solenoid.

Additional Features

As well as traction control and gearshift control, a range of other changes have been made in this release

  • Input Shaft Speed - for optimising torque converters and clutches for drag racing
  • Latched Launch RPM Mode - for roll racing
  • Multiple VVT Tables - allows for different levels of tune without the need to change base maps
  • Rotary Limiting - new rotary mode reduces exhaust temperatures
  • Additional Analog Calibration Tables - 4 more calibration tables
  •  Ford Falcon (BA) CAN Mode
  • ECU Temperature - switch outputs based on ECU temperature e.g. a fan
  • AN Volt 12 - now available on selected plugin ECUs
  • ECU Logging - activate via CAN
  • Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure - data can be received via CAN
  • Over-Run Torque Introduction Time - the rate at which fuel is removed and then re-introduced
  • Gear Lever Force input - analog input option for strain gauge type gear levers
  • Throttle Blip Output

This firmware is a free upgrade for owners of the G4+ or i-Series ECUs. Head to and download the latest version of PCLink to get started


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