Losing 27% Horsepower And Going 4.9 Seconds FASTER! (How?!)

Having 140hp less might not mean a lot if you're running a 2500hp drag car, but when you go from 590hp to 450hp, that is quite a difference (27% in fact!).

2018 results: 5th place with 1:40.8430
2019 result: 1st place with 1:38.6140
2022 result: 1st place with 1:33.7760, a new class record!

Benjamin Perry of Benchmark Solutions runs us through the Team ERS Evolution Racing Spares Official EVO 6 which took out first place honours in the Clubsprint Class at the last World Time Attack Challenge

The 4g63 is an EVO 6 bottom end with an EVO 9 head giving it MIVEC (variable cam control) which is controlled by a MoTeC M1 along with the ACD (Active Center Differential) system via a NA Autosport and Engineering firmware package.

A Bosch Motorsports brake package has been fitted, the same used in GT3 class cars, and no doubt that ABS has helped with the seconds shaved off the lap time along with getting the suspension, chassis and driver up to speed before any fine tuning with the help of DNA Autosport.

The car now runs a Garrett G30 770 in place of the old Garrett GTX3576R GEN II it ran previously as well as a new, simpler ARTEC cast manifold which is more than good enough for the job at hand and allows less points of failure and makes the car much quicker and easier to work on. With a previous turbo gasket failure giving the team a headache at a previous event, the clamp setup is naturally much preferred with that experience under the belt too.

The aftermarket cam previously fitted as been replaced with one from GSC Power Division and while the engine does make around 100kw or 140hp less, it retains a similar midrange and lower end but with a flatter torque curve giving owner and driver Jamal 'Jimmy Evo' Assaad the ability to pedal the car smoother and faster.

The team ended up setting a new class record and was almost 5 seconds faster than their 2019 winning time proving all the logical steps taken to be worth the effort.

0:00 - Clubsprint Time Attack
0:10 - Ben Perry - Benchmark Solutions
0:25 - 2-3 Seconds A Lap FASTER Out The Gate
0:40 - 140hp Less - Why?
1:25 - How Does That Help
2:13 - Garret G30 Series
2:34 - Manifold Changes
3:19 - Less Failure Points
3:56 - Camshaft Changes & Tuning
5:30 - Bosch Motorsport Braking Package
6:30 - ABS Was Worth It
6:52 - MoTeC M1 Controlled Center Diff
8:04 - Torque Control Tuning Feedback
8:53 - Handling Balance - Mechanical Vs Digital Tuning
10:40 - Less Can Be More Eh
11:01 - Thumbs Up, Sub, Free Lesson, Woo!

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