LS Engine Build, 1UZ V8 GT86 Aero and Engine Build Plus More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 228]

This is the weekly update that comes right before our paid 'Gold Members' only webinar lessons and this week ‘228 | Balancing Pistons’ was covered. Details on membership below.

00:00 HPA86 UPDATE: Andre clarifies some of the issues around the Driveshaft Shop axles that we have had after a few comments on social media over the past weeks questioning why it was so hard to get something that should be so simple to work as intended. From there get a bit of a run down on the plans for the 86 for the next endurance racing season which will see some changes that will greatly improve the cars performance, but at the same time we’re not going overboard and will retain the core setup as things are now including the wheel and tyre package/size.

Aside from a change in engine capacity, the main focus will be getting some more aero on the car, and taking the time to ensure it is dialed in correctly as well.

09:38 LS1 ENGINE BUILDING EXAMPLE: The LS1 Worked Example is almost live in the Practical Engine Building Course, woo! If you already own this course, it will appear there free of charge, otherwise we recommend you get stuck into it all via the core course material so that you can hit the ground running as soon as the LS example goes live.

In the future, but not before we finish a few other things around here, we plan to house this engine in the spare red FD RX7 you may have seen kicking about here in the past.

Note, you don’t need a specific example to learn how to build specific engines. If you wanted to build a 2jz, FA20, 4G63 etc, the same course material would still help you get there without a doubt, just having a specific example means you can learn a little faster if that is your specific build as well. This is a really important thing to consider when you’re trying to build up your knowledge base whether it is with HPA or not. Every solid bit of education you get all adds up to give you the full picture.

12:30 AiM SoloDL: We’ve been testing the AiM SoloDL out over the past few weeks which is a compact device that can provide you with lap data including rolling lap times, static lap times, predictive lap times etc for both point to point and circuit racing. The SoloDL version also allows you to log data and overlay it with your lap data in order to help you dial in your car and driving skills. The ability to transmit the data wirelessly to your laptop is also a handy little usability feature that we love and the AiM Solo will feature more in future material as we get more involved with it.

16:17 LATEST RELEASE: Probably the coolest KP61 Toyota Starlet we have EVER seen. This thing is nuts, hit the link below to check it out.

17:55 COBB GIVEAWAY: The last few days to enter the COBB competition are going fast, so get in quick. Link below.

We’ve also filmed a Worked Example featuring the COBB platform, and Andre gives a quick rundown on what you can expect to find in this once it has gone live.

WEBINAR INFO: Balancing the components inside your engine can add up to an engine that operates more smoothly and lasts longer. While many enthusiasts will leave the balancing work to their engine machinist, balancing components such as the pistons is actually relatively easy to do in the home workshop without breaking the bank. In this webinar we’ll look at the tools and techniques required.

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