Making MORE Power WITHOUT Killing Your DPF | Opacity Vs Lambda [FREE LESSON]

Want more power without removing or destroying your DPF?

Emissions devices are a part of the diesel tuning world whether we like it or not, and despite what many out there on the internet claim, you CAN make more power without significantly reducing the lifespan of the likes of you DPF (diesel particulate filter). Here's some insight into how:

0:00 - Opacity vs Lambda
0:10 - Our Setup and Plan
0:23 - Stock Tune Run
0:35 - 448HP Results Analysis
1:12 - Opacity Trend
2:05 - Modified Tune File Run
2:30 - 555HP Results Analysis
3:06 - Opacity Trend
3:58 - The Divergence Point
4:37 - Results
5:07 - Outro

Start learning how to tune your own performance diesel instantly with a free lesson series here.


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