Making The Toyota 86 Great Again | Today At HPA [UPDATE 247]

Making the RC86 great again, corner weighting advantages, our bFlash content plans plus more. This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson 247 | Introduction to ECUFlash’. Details on membership below.

00:00 - EcuFlash Webinar Update
01:00 - Crash Recap
02:22 - The Damage
03:00 - Was It Straight?
04:12 - The Fix So far
04:40 - Vlogs
06:00 - String Alignment Advantages
06:59 - Why Corner Weight?
11:20 - bFlash Interview Release
14:52 - Earnest Giveaway

WEBINAR INFO: Open source reflashing software can be a very cheap way of modifying the calibration in your late model car. The downside with open source software is that often there’s a limited amount of help available and the definitions may not be complete. In this webinar we’ll be taking an introductory look at the ECUFlash software which is popular in both Mitsubishi and Subaru tuning communities.

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