Mid-Engined 550HP AWD twin-turbo J35 | Acura TLX GT [TECH TOUR]

Starting life as a 2015 Acura TLX GT, this RealTime Racing monster is now a twin turbo, 500HP mid-engined Pikes Peak 2018 Open class winner.

Mike gives us a rundown on the car which has been extensively modified with the dry sumped V6 J35 engine, prepared by Honda Performance Development, being mid-mounted to allow for an AWD setup to be installed with a 60:40 split on the Xtrac transmission and front and rear differentials. The engine is controlled by a McLaren ECU with the paddle shift system being managed by a MEGA-line pneumatic shifting package.

Also discussed are some of the cooling considerations for Pikes Peak, how useful the data from testing (which is not a full run) is and also some of the work that went into getting the engine to fit in this configuration.

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