More Power, More Problems? | 650HP SR20VE Swap | SR86 EP 8 [#BUILD]

Why are we making more power? No seriously...

In this build update, Andre runs through what was sorted in the aftermath of our cooling issue that really did the core damage before we even made it to round one of the South Island Endurance Series along with some track testing at Highlands Motorsport Park before the second round.

At this stage, we have had the car wrapped in @Earnest branding by Doctor B Signage over a weekend while the head was away allowing for minimal downtime and our Davies Craig electric water pump has been installed with some slight complications which Andre explains the solution to.

The EGT and some other sensors have been prioritised with the plans for aero taking a back seat in favour of getting the small things done instead, but when it's all said and done we once again find ourselves only ready to test the day before it's time to pack up the car once again.

Most interestingly the car is producing more power at the same boost levels, and more than just a bit which is unexpected given the minimal changes we have made not warranting it. Also discussed are some of the decisions around spark plugs, valvetrain upgrade for peace of mind and what else was done to get the SR20VET back up and running.

0:00 - Intro
0:46 - Recap
1:20 - Piston Replacement
2:12 - Engine Machine - Re-Hone, Deck
2:48 - Head Replacement
3:04 - Valve Upgrade
3:22 - Head Work & Fitment
3:48 - Davies Craig Electric Water Pump
5:03 - Data System Completion
6:38 - Coolant Pressure Sensor Faux Pas
7:28 - Garrett Turbo Replacement
8:48 - New #Earnest Wrap
9:42 - Electric Water Pump Control Issue
11:42 - Control Solution
12:06 - Results
12:50 - Spark Plugs
13:53 - More Power
15:40 - Back Together, Track Testing
16:20 - Last Chance Testing
18:11 - In-Car With Gentleman Driver Ben
20:05 - Outro

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