MoTeC FIA World Rallycross Package for M1

MoTeC have recently released a dedicated package for either the M130 or M150 ECUs purposely designed to meet the FIA regulations for 2014 World Rallycross cars. This package is able to control 4 cylinder port injected and turbocharged engines, with specific strategies employed to suit the unique sport of Rallycross. These strategies include antilag, advanced boost control utilising turbo speed, driver switching (boost trim, launch enable etc), knock control, launch control, chassis logging (steering etc), gearbox coolant pump control and anti-jerk. Four additional programmable outputs are also included for ancillary controls.

Package features include:

  • Configurable synchronisation modes to suit most popular modern engines
  • Supplied sensor calibrations for many common automotive sensors
  • Configurable TDC angle for each cylinder
  • On-board individual cylinder knock control
  • Configurable boost control for single turbo
  • Configurable anti-lag
  • Configurable anti-jerk
  • Configurable throttle bypass control

For FIA compliance under Article 279 - 2014, the following features are specifically excluded from the package:

  • GPS Support
  • Variable Intake Geometry
  • Water Injection
  • Intercooler Spray
  • Traction Control
  • DBW Throttle
  • Variable Valve Timing

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