Motorsport Wiring Supples | Tools and Materials [RESOURCE]

Ready to start building your wiring harness but not sure where to source parts and materials? Or maybe you have been struggling to find that one pesky item? Either way, we’re here to help with a small list of suppliers to get started with and a huge thank you to the HPA forum members who have contributed in getting this together for us all.

01c15e4242b2a88fa7f9c69b2f0039064028a5ed00 v2 - A great site for certain difficult to find OEM connectors. - All the OEM connectors you can think of, sorted by pin count then brands by alphabet, making it easy to navigate. - This site has a long list of ECU plugs and receptacles with competitive pricing plus is a great source for Yazaki terminals for OEM Toyota connectors. - Numerous OEM Honda and motorcycle connectors. - While primarily known for Megasquirt engine management systems, they offer a lot of sensors and electronic components. - Australian based site. Great for anyone in the UK and wanting TE wiring products. - If you can name it, this site probably has it. - Chipping, programming, flashing, and emulation hardware can be found here for various platforms. - A division of Rywire for connectors and tooling. - Useful for figuring out which 8STA connector you will need. - This site has wire sleeving, heat shrink, certain connectors, and cable organisation solutions.


Your budget and location generally determine which companies you deal with the most and remember sometimes excellent and reliable service can trump cost so support those who work hard to support you with your wiring supplies.

Pro tip: There's nothing worse than setting a weekend aside for a specific task, usually the week before an event, and then finding you're out of critical materials. With this in mind make sure you order well in advance of when you want your materials, particularly if like us you often need to source things from overseas.


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