New Haltech ELITE ECU announced at SEMA 2013
Hot from this years SEMA show, Haltech have just announced the imminent release of their all-new ELITE Series ECU. Key features of the ELITE Series Series ECUs include a waterproof case, drive-by-wire throttle control,quad variable cam control and knock control. The Elite Series ECUs look set to provide cutting edge technology to tuners and performance enthusiasts world-wide.

Launching with a brand new ECU Commander software the Elite Series will be sold alongside the popular Platinum Series Sprint, Sport and Pro Plugin ECUs. The ELITE ECUs are expected to be available for purchase in March 2014.

Check the full feature list below:
  • 8 x Fuel Injection Outputs
  • 8 x Ignition Outputs
  • 28 x Digital Outputs
  • 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
  • 6 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
  • Oscilloscope - view and save crank and cam sensor waveforms
  • Programmable Injector Peak and Hold Currents with open/short circuit diagnostics • OBDII Capable - set and clear diagnostics trouble codes
  • USB and Dual CAN Bus communications OEM and Haltech CAN expansion
  • User definable 5D Tuning - ultimate tuning flexibility
  • Drive By Wire (DBW) Throttle Control
  • Cruise Control – Requires Electronic Throttle Control
  • Quad Cam Control - Independently Variable
  • Dual Channel Knock Control - With FFT analysis
  • Auto Tune – Short and Long term fuel and ignition learning
  • Staged Fuelling - Up to four stages of injectors
  • Multi-fuel Support- Independent fuels can be used at once
  • Multiple Profile/Calibration Tuning Up to 4 separate vehicles on the one ECU
  • E85 Flex Fuel Ready - With additional boost tables
  • Closed Loop Boost, Idle and 02 Control
  • Anti-Lag and Launch Control
  • Data logging - Internal memory & external laptop logging
  • USB data logging- Log direct to USB Flash Drive
  • Black Box Logging - Additional logging that is always active
  • Engine Protection - Set limits for sensors and protect the engine
  • Multiple User Login - Restrict areas of the ECU based on passwords

Tune in to our special Sema 2013 edition of Tuner Life for more information on the Haltech Elite ECU.


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