Non Turbo! 500HP At 11,000 RPM | Big Power, Small Package [TECH TALK]

Small engines, big boost! What goes into keeping a drag car at an optimum output for an entire run and what stock block is better, B series or K Series?

Sport FWD class record holders (793 @189) 4 Piston Racing legend Luke Wilson runs us through what it takes to create a billet CNC head cylinder that can deliver results for small block high output naturally aspirated and forced induction drag racing engines. Discussed is how flow charts and dyno charts do not always correlate and when it might be time to switch to a billet head for you B or K series Honda/Acura build.

Discussed are many of the design advantages over stock and how even a less optimal design in relation to valve vs bore location will still yield better results than a stock unit. Luke dives into how a valve angle change can increase the flow by 40 CFM (that’s the same amount some air compressors produce!) and what sort of RPM they focus on being usable with any design for drag racing purposes.

Lastly, you’ll learn some of the reasons why you can’t just take a build like this and expect to happily run it on the streets along with some of the options you have when it comes to ductile iron sleeves and the trade-off on strength vs cooling abilities.

Want to learn how to build a 500HP NA engine like this? Start with a reliable knowledge source via a free live lesson here.


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