OEM Wiring Fault Finding | Today At HPA [UPDATE 258]

TPS troubleshooting, R34 GTR track tuning/real-world confirmation and cambelt stretch.

This is Andres update that came before members-only webinar '258 | Introduction to Rotary Tuning'.

00:00 - Upcoming webinar Info "Introduction to Rotary Tuning"
00:45 - Ecumaster EMU Giveaway
02:35 - Successful race outing!
05:00 - Factory DBW Fault mode
08:00 - The problem - Factory connectors
10:43 - R34 GTR Road Tuning Confirmation
17:50 - Road tuning process explained
22:00 - Aftermarket Cambelts - just a fancy colour?
24:27 - Giveaway reminder and outro

WEBINAR INFO: Rotary engines have a bad reputation for their reliability, however the truth is that a well built and properly tuned rotary can live a long and healthy life. The key to reliability from the tuner’s stand point however is understanding the tuning requirements are very different on a rotary engine. In this webinar we’ll cover off some of the intricacies of rotary tuning and what you need to understand.

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