Performance Cam Tuning  | Worked Example Now Live [COURSE]

Have an aftermarket camshaft installed in your vehicle?
You're going to have to tune it 

By popular request the Performance Cam Tuning worked example in our Practical Reflash Tuning course is now live and ready for you. 

You will learn the HPA 6 step reflashing process, covering:
1. Downloading Existing ROM
2. Accounting For Aftermarket Modifications
3. Configuring Base Tune File
4. MAF/SD Calibration
5. Optimising The Tune
6. Confirm Your Calibration On The Road or Track...

...and 9 other full examples covering what you need to know about Reflashing your ECU.
If you want to learn how to reflash tune your engine from start to finish, this is the course for you.

To learn more and purchase the full course, click here.

NOTE: This is a comprehensive reflash tuning course with lifetime access and a 60-day money-back policy if you find that EFI tuning isn't for you. If you want to learn how to install your camshaft first, our engine building and cam degreeing courses have you covered there too.


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