Plex SDM-500 Dash Display & Logger

Plex Tuning have recently released their SDM-500 dash display and logger, suitable for both road or race use. The SDM-500 features an ultra bright 4.3” high contrast, high resolution screen housed in an attractive anodised aluminium enclosure. The high contrast display makes viewing in direct sunlight easy, and with a total thickness of only 19 mm (including the connector) it makes mounting in a modern race car simple.

PLEX TUNING SDM 500 DASH DISPLAY LOGGE CONNECTOR TYCO SPEC44 MOTORSPORT WIRINGThe SDM-500 is preconfigured to communicate directly with most aftermarket ECUs, including AEM, Motec, DTA, Haltech, Vipec/Link, Syvecs and Autronic. Support will also be available shortly for GEMS, KMS, Life Racing, Pectel, Pro EFI, NIRA and many more. Featuring dual CAN buses, it can also communicate with any OEM ECUs using the ISO15765 OBD protocol (OBD2).

PLEX TUNING SDM 500 DASH DISPLAY LOGGER QUICK GLANCE NORMALThe SDM-500 comes with a 4D joystick for easy one-handed control and configuration which is a feature unique to the product. The housing includes an array of high intensity LEDs which can be used as a programmable shift light. Another unique feature of the SDM-500 is their ‘QuickGlance’ display that can be programmed to change colour as parameters move through their range. This makes it very easy to tell at a glance how your engine is performing.


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