Power To Weight Perfection | Pikes Peak Sendy Club [TECH TOUR]

What does an almost perfect power to weight ratio look like?

With over 550hp and tipping the scales at 550kg Robin Shutes modified 2018 Wolf Racing Cars TSC Honda K20 powered competition hill climb car is not just a bit of a mouthful, but also the answer.

The car runs 2.1L Honda Performance Development K20 with CNC porting, forged pistons, steel rods, a larger bore and ductile iron sleeves that is force fed 16 Psi by a Honeywell Garrett G25-660 and Tial 44mm wastegate. VP Racing Fuels Q16 is delivered via Injector Dynamics ID1050X’s and engine management is taken care of by a MoTeC M150 GPRP and C127 dash and logger.

Andre runs us through why the VTEC mechanism has been locked out and the advantages you can employ from doing this and optimising the cam timing for a specific application like the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

What to learn how to tune a car like this? Start here for free with HPA.


  • Michael Francis's profile image
    Great effort Robin Shute and team !
    Lets hope we can see you next year at PP !
    - francis1248 USA
    18 months ago