Quality Wiring Is All In The Little Details

Wiring isn't necessarily a difficult task, but to do a good job it does require some thoughts and consideration beyond just running wire from A to B and calling it job done.

In this quick 'Today at HPA' discussion Andre touches on this topic by highlighting some foresight put into the ability to work on some aspects of the vehicle without the need to spend rime removing extra unrelated components along with how to carry a bigger load through circular autosport style connectors very simply and easily.

We also take a quick look at Ryans Judd powered 'Formula Supra' interview from WTAC, easily one of the tidiest cars there and no doubt the best sounding.
0:06 - 3UZ Starter Motor Sub Harness
0:48 - Autosport Connector 13 Pin
1:15 - Knock Sensors
1:22 - Starter Motor Exciter
1:28 - Alternator 12v
1:44 - Starter Motor Wiring: SIzing
2:36 - Split The Load, Reduce Wire Sizes
3:00 - Shielded Cables | Knock Sensors
3:33 - Autosport Connectors & Shielded Wiring
4:10 - 298 | Terminating Shielded Cable - Members Only Lesson
4:22 - JUDD Powered Supra WTAC
5:18 - Giveaway Reminder, Enter Now

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