R32 GTR Build, Automotive Wiring, HP Tuners & More | Today At HPA [UPDATE]

R32 turbo, HP Tuners Ford Example, Wiring Courses, VIP deals and Pikes Peak update!

Note: Andre got his words muddled at 2:52 and said twin instead of single. Single was the intended word here, not twin, therefore 'a correctly sized SINGLE turbo gives you the best of both worlds' is what he meant to say. Sorry for the slip!

In the first of our updates on what we've been up to here ha HPA Labs you can take a look at the Borg-Warner EFR8374 turbo that has been selected for the RB26 R32 GT-R build we are currently involved with as well as why it was selected for the task.
Andre also gives us an update on some of the cooling considerations at altitude via an update on this year's trip to Pikes Peak and a rundown on the HPA VIP deal that is currently available for a limited time.

Lastly we hear about the Ford torque based ECU Worked Example, based in HP Tuners, that has been added to the Practical Reflash Tuning course and we see what Zacs latest wiring course contains and what you can expect to get from the knowledge within.

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