R34 GTR | PMC Race Engines Built | 1200HP, 35 PSI And 10,000 RPMs Of RB26 Power [TECH TOUR]

While not uncommon in the drag racing world, a 1200 HP RB26 for circuit racing is not quite as common and Peter Mcdonnell from PMC Racing engines shares some of his knowledge on what is needed to get this level of power reliably from the Integrated Motorsports R34 GTR Skyline.

The 2.8L RB26 is running 35 PSI of boost out to 10,000 RPM through a Bullet Race Engineering billet block, Bill Miller forged aluminium rods, custom billet pistons and a Nitto head gasket. Sitting on top is one of Peters modified heads with beryllium seats, titanium valves plus porting and shaping on the inlet and exhaust ports respectively.

Discussed is the advantages of running aluminium rods and billet pistons along with how the 40kg loss of weight due to using the billet block is only the beginning of the advantages it brings to the build.

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