R34 GTR Trigger Setup, ITB Tuning and More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 257]

R34 GTR RB26 sensor upgrade, Adaptronic rotary release and Holley EFI Terminator ECU giveaway. These and more topics were covered in the introduction before the members only webinar ‘257 | Selecting Parts For Your Engine Build’. Details on membership below.

0:00 - Intro - Selecting Parts For Your Engine Build
0:41 - Holley EFI Terminator X Max Giveaway
2:18 - FD3S RX7 Worked Example Is LIVE - Adaptronic
8:16 - EMtron Worked Example - Nissan R34 GTR Skyline
10:30 - RB26 Tuning - ITBs
18:45 - Nissan Optical Sensor 101
20:58 - Crank Trigger System
21:25 - Trigger Wheel Replacement - NZ Wiring
23:43 - 1500HP Rotary Drag Car Technology
26:26 - Comp Closes 11th November

WEBINAR INFO: If you’re considering your next performance engine build, it can be a little daunting deciding what parts you need to achieve your desired results without breaking the bank. In this webinar we’ll cover this exact process and how we dealt with it for an upcoming Mitsubishi 4G63 drag engine build, and a EVO 9 street/hillclimb spec engine.

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