Reading an Existing CAN Bus Network | CAN Bus Communications [FREE LESSON]

Is finding and reading an existing CAN Bus network on an OEM car tricky? 


In this [FREE LESSON] on CAN Bus Communications, Zac walks us through what some key considerations are when connecting to your vehicle’s CAN Bus network. He talks about establishing the high and low CAN network signals and how using an Oscilloscope to read and understand what the CAN Bus network is doing.

Zac also covers getting the data onto your computer and what you should be looking for when trying to locate CAN Bus wiring.

0:00 - Intro
0:17 - Key Considerations
1:48 - Connecting to a vehicle
3:26 - Using the Oscilloscope
4:55 - Taking a signal reading
5:34 - Confirming the reading
6:22 - Reading CAN Bus traffic on the Scope
8:06 - Viewing the data on the software
9:07 - A good trick to help
9:37 - Looking for CAN Bus wiring
11:05 - Outro

Want to learn more about CAN Bus communications? Enroll here!


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