Reflash Tuning On The Fly | SCT | Bully Dog [TECH NUGGET]

While it has been aimed directly at tuning workshops in the past, SCT/Bully Dog tuning software has shifted its sights in recent years and offers a host of new features and advantages previously unavailable.

Workshops are easily able to tune customers cars via simple data transfers via the cloud allowing customers who live miles away the ability to have their tune dialled in after being driven in real-world driving conditions without the need for the customer to manually pull out their laptop and log or email anything away themselves. The handheld device also allows you as a customer to change between different maps and tunes for specific tracks or the street with simply a few buttons.

If you want to tune your own car, there is also an option to purchase the SCT Pro Racer package which is linked to a specific vehicle, though double check before purchase that you will have access to all your required tables and maps as this doesn’t give the same functionality as the dealer version.

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