Rotary Engine Tuning | Learn How To Tune Your Mazda Rotary Engine

What to learn how to tune your rotary engine?

The HPA 10-step tuning process now features a rotary Worked Example displaying the tuning process from start to finish using a Mazda 13b powered FD3S RX7 and Adaptronic ECU for the demonstration.

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 You will learn the HPA 10 step process, covering:

1. ECU Configuration and Testing
2. Trigger Setup
3. Base Table Configuration
4. Base Ignition Timing/Fuel Pressure
5. Initial Startup
6. Idle Tuning
7. Steady-State Fuel Tuning
8.a MBT Testing
8.b Steady State Ignition Tuning
9. Full Power Tuning
10. Confirming your tune on the road/racetrack

If you want to learn how to tune your rotary engine start to finish, this is the course for you.

To learn more and purchase the full course with 7 other worked examples check out the Practical Standalone ECU Tuning course here.

If you're new to tuning and want prerequisite courses on EFI Tuning Fundamentals and AFR, then instead, this is the package deal for you.


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