SEMA, 1000HP Axle 'Fail', Rally Driving and Telemetry | Today At HPA [UPDATE 226]

1000HP Axle Issues, Rob Dahm, COBB Giveaway, Racing and more.

This is the weekly update that comes right before our paid 'Gold Members' only webinar lessons and this week ‘226 | Power Distribution Module Configuration’ was covered. Details on membership below.

00:00 1000HP Driveshaft Shop Axles and Racing: As you may have been following we gave endurance racing a crack this year via the SIERDC (South Island Endurance Champs) and while it was a great experience for the team, it has had a number of ups and downs. Andre runs through a few of the changes we made throughout the season, including Izze Racing tyre temp sensors that fed into the MoTeC T2 Telemetry system and the nightmare we have had with our 1000HP Driveshaft Shop axles which were manufactured too short for our application, causing them to pop out and cause fluid leaks. In the case of the last round at Ruapuna they indirectly cost use the race itself with only 6 minutes to go while leading what was left of the field in our class by around 45 seconds. On the upside, it certainly added some excitement to the season.
We hope to go into more detail on this issue and our colourful experience trying to get the correct length of axles as replacements in a future video.

08:17 COBB Worked Example: This has been filmed and is still on the editing table for release soon, but Andre gives a little more detail on this content including a little detail on how the COBB platform differs from some other commercial and opensource options when it comes to having more functionality and features rather than just a simple adjustment of the original OEM layout.

11:34 SEMA: A very quick run through of a few things from this years Toyota Supra dominated SEMA includes a Honda F20C powered Toyota Starlet and Rob Dahms Quad Rotor RX7 being two builds there that piqued our interest, along with Turbosmarts new electronic wastegate range.

16:10 Rally Ready Driving School: The team also had the chance to catch up with Texas Dave at his Rally Ranch getting some footage for RaceCraft on Rally driving techniques including left foot braking and a nice clip of how to trim a tree with a borrowed drone care of videographer/arborist Scott.

17:44 Video Release: We run through a recent release that features James P of RPE and their Hayabusa based V8 engine.

18:40 VIP Deal: One last run through the VIP deal which will end soon with all spot almost claimed:

WEBINAR INFO: Power distribution modules are rapidly becoming a viable alternative to conventional fuses and relays when it comes to wiring the power distribution circuits in performance applications. In this webinar we’ll take a look at the ECU Master PMU 16 (Power Management Unit) and how we’ve integrated it and programmed it to work in our Toyota 86. In particular we’ll focus on the communication between the PMU16 and the rest of the MoTeC electronics fitted to the vehicle using CAN messaging.

Want to watch the members-only webinar on PDM configuration along with over 220 other lessons on engine building, tuning, and wiring topics? Sign up here for only $19 USD a month, start and stop at any time (unlike your gym membership!).


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