Sequential Fine Tuning, V8 Swap Progress And More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 244]

3UZ-FE custom pistons and machining, more 3D printing and a shifter upgrade for our 6-speed sequential gearbox. This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘244 | Introduction to ECUMaster’. Details on membership below.

1:15 - GT86 Rear brake upgrade, 3D printed part for the Endless kit
2:40 - Printer details: Creality CR10S
4:33 - 3UZ-FE build update
8:45 - Shifter upgrade on TTi-GTO gearbox
12:15 - @HPA101 post discussion
14:53 - EV Conversions with Sasha Anis of Mountain Pass Performance, MoTeC Canada and OnPoint Dyno.
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In this ‘pre-webinar’ update through the 3D printed part used to create a template for a missing part of the Endless rear brake kit for our HPA-86 race car along with what is being rebuilt from the dry-sump setup and where the 3UZ-FE build and custom JE Pistons are at. The clock is ticking!

WEBINAR INFO: In this webinar lesson we’ll cover an introductory look at the ECU Master Black ECU and the features it offers. For this webinar we’ll be using a V11 Subaru STi incorporating daw throttle and variable cam control.

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