Should You Blindly Trust Your Machinist? | Today At HPA [UPDATE 255]

SR20VET valve woes, electric water pump control and AiM Sportline giveaway! This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘255 | Staged Injection - Adaptronic’. Details on membership below.

In this update you can see what data Andre and the team are looking at when it comes to ensuring the SR20VET swapped GT86’s cooling system was doing its job sufficiently after the recent Davies Craig water pump upgrade. The way the pump is controlled via the Ecumaster PMU16 is also touched on along with some detail on the TiAL housing that has arrived to the party a little too late, but should still make for some interesting content in the future.

Andre also runs through just a few features of the AiM MXP we’re giving away which include plug and play sensors, data analysis, driver warnings and the ability to send data to the unit via CAN Bus, digital inputs or analog inputs covering all your bases no matter the spec of your build.

0:00 - Intro
1:00 - FD3S Setup
3:30 - SR20VET Project Update
5:04 - Mechanical Pump and Time Limitations
9:09 - Electric Water Pump Control
12:23 - Data Analysis
18:25 - The 86 Is Possessed
19:20 - Up On Power?
20:07 - Next Issue
20:42 - Valve Issue
22:00 - What Did The Data Say?
23:00 - The Cause...Trust Without Verification
24:17 - Other More Common Causes
25:32 - The Pan From Here
26:32 - TiAL Housing
28:18 - Earnest Branding
29:18 - What is Earnest
30:58 - Andre, mate, it’s
31:54 - AiM MXP Giveaway!
34:51 - Outro

AiM Sportline MXP competition, Enter Here. (closes 21st of October 2020)
SR20 GT86 Swap Build.

WEBINAR INFO: Staged injection is a common option on rotary engines, as well as high power turbocharged engines where a single set of injectors can’t supply sufficient fuel. In this webinar we’ll look at the injector staging technique used by Adaptronic on their modular ECUs and see how this applies to our FD RX7.

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