Splicing New Wires into your CAN Bus Network | CAN Bus Communications [FREE LESSON]

Do you know how to splice together new CAN Bus wires? Watch this to find out……

In today's [FREE LESSON] Zac talks about and demonstrates how you can splice together new CAN Bus wires. Zac walks us through the process of prepping wires for splicing, how to properly crimp wires together and then enclose them with heat shrink.

Zac also covers a couple of key points on, selecting and working with the right size wires, using the right connectors and how your can twist the CAN Bus wiring.

00:00 - Intro
00:26 - Previous Discussion
00:44 - The tricky part
01:08 - Which Splices
01:29 - The Demonstration
10:16 - Some Key Info to Remember
11:07 - Our CAN Bus Course
13:01 - Outro

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