SR20 350z Build, Plex Giveaway & More | Today At HPA [UPDATE]

Giveaway, manifolds, injectors, turbos, sumps sequential gearboxes, knock monitors and more!

In this update Andre runs us through some aspects of the HPA ‘350SRZ’ build. It’s being repowered with a Garrett GTX3076 Gen II turbocharged SR20VE that is running a bunch of Mazworx, Turbosmart, EFI Solutions, Moroso, Sinco Customs, TTi sequential gearbox plus more parts and accessories.

Andre takes us through some of the features of the current giveaway which is a Plex Knock Monitor V2 and Micro SDM package. If you have seen a bit of our course content you will already be familiar with this gear as we often use it here ourselves.


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