Subaru Engine Management, TTi 6 Speed Sequential Box Into V8 GT86 | Today At HPA [UPDATE]

Open source tuning software, Haltech Elite 2500 EJ20 PnP and TTi sequential gearbox fitment.

Andre gives us a rundown on HPAs plans for open source tuning content, the Haltech Elite 2500 PnP unit that has been fitted to our Version 11 Subaru WRX STI along with some troubleshooting that went with the install which included putting the stock ECU back in and using EcuEdit to datalog and ensure the issues were mechanical and not electronic.

From there he'll fill you in on the TTi 6-speed sequential gearbox install that is currently underway for our 1UZ V8 powered Toyota GT86 which included the somewhat laborious removal of the old R154 transmission.

Lastly, he touches on the usage of shielded cable for sensor inputs and the best practice for the grounding (at only 1 end!) of these.

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