SuperFlow and AEM Electronics Team Up

Getting reliable and accurate information about exhaust lambda is a critical element to any performance tuning job, but relying on a single lambda sensor mounted in the exhaust collector isn't giving you the full story. Respected dyno manufacturer Superflow has recently offered integration with AEM's 4 channel wideband UEGO controller for the ultimate in accurate tuning. This controller provides up to 4 Bosch wideband sensors which can be mounted in the exhaust header, monitoring the air fuel ratio of each individual cylinder.

Superflow have packaged the UEGO controller to provide 2, 4 or 8 channel systems as standard to suit most popular engine configurations. It can however be configured to handle any number of cylinders up to 12.

The UEGO controller uses Bosh LSU 4.2 sensors that are calibrated at the factory, meaning free air calibration is not necessary, saving time and ensuring accuracy. An optional back pressure sensor can also be used for turbo applications to compensate for turbine inlet pressure, ensuring accurate readings when the sensors are fitted pre-turbo.


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